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With a work visa or permit from the government, foreigners are permitted to work in every province and city in Canada. IRCC (which used to be called CIC) handles work permits for Canadian citizens and gives them out on behalf of the Canadian government.

Whether you apply online or by mail, processing a work visa for Canada takes about 5 months. Once more, nation-specific.

On a specific date, CIC work permits expire and lose their validity. Typically, this takes between one and two years, though students who attend accredited institutes of higher learning with lengthy curricula may need longer. Submit an application for a Canadian work permit extension 30 days prior. Your international passport must still be valid before your work permit can be worked on.

Temporary employees from Canada with expired work licenses must discontinue their jobs right away. Visitors and tourists may convert their visitor visa to a work permit in accordance with IRCC laws. policy alterations This enables visitors to Canada to work.

2023 Work Permit Application for Canada


Guidelines for Applying for a Work Permit in Canada in 2022

Not all foreign nationals require a work permit to work in Canada. Check the immigration website to see if you need a work permit for your job and country before you apply for a job in Canada.

Some Canadian employment necessitates Labour Market Impact Assessments to determine their eligibility for work permits. If all requirements are met, your Canadian work permit application will cost $155 in processing fees. So, you need a credit or debit card that works (Interac and money orders are accepted in Canada) and a scanner or digital camera to make digital copies of your documents.

application for a work visa at the port of entry (POE). 
The Port of Entry (POE) is the entry point of choice for the Canadian government. The Port of Entry is typically your initial airport or land entry into Canada. access points These POE work permit conditions must be met.

Only Americans traveling to Canada may apply for work visas there. 
No job offer necessary. 
Upon entry into Canada, a 14-day quarantine is mandated by COVID-19 regulations. 
Online or paper applications for work permits from Canada 
Applying for a Canadian work permit online or by mail requires the following steps:

You can open a CIC account online or log in. 
Fill out all the necessary paperwork. 
Invest in a work permit.

Send your application to your nearby application center by mail, in person, or online. 
After submitting an application, occasionally check your online account to see if it was approved. Upon issuance of your Canadian work visa, a Unique Client Identifier (UCI) number will be provided to you (UCI).

Canadian employment authorization.

Depending on their field of expertise and qualifications, two types of Canadian work permits are best for foreign nationals. CIC is prevented from estimating the time required to process a work permit. They do have Canadian work permits, though.

A work permit is relevant to an employer.

Depending on certain conditions, this Canadian work permit enables you to work there. These include the times, places, and employers of your job. Employer-specific work permits are frequently issued to researchers, visiting professors, etc.

Your employer must fulfill requirements before submitting an application for an employer-specific work visa. The company must also show a Labour Market Impact Assessment or an Offer of Employment Number (LMIA) to back up your claim.

Working Permit

In Canada, open work permits are very common. Foreign nationals may apply for open work permits to work anywhere in Canada. Work permits are granted by the immigration office to foreign nationals who want to work for a Canadian company for a specific period of time.

Open work authorization A job offer is not required in Canada. LMIA is also not required when applying for an open work visa.

Fees for work permits 
In addition to the $100 application fee, people with open work permits have to pay an extra $155 fee.

Renewal of a work visa for Canada

Your work visa for Canada must be renewed before it expires. After submitting an online work permit extension application, you are granted permission to work for your employer via a WP-EXT exempt PGWP letter. Conditions of your work permit apply.

PGWP letters that are WP-EXT exempt have a 120-day expiration. The processing time for work permit extensions in Canada is displayed below. Online tracking is available for requests to renew work permits in Canada.

A work permit (BOWP).

BOWP is necessary for applications for permanent residency in Canada. While a person waits to become a permanent resident, it extends employment permits. It lets you work temporarily until you can apply for permanent residency and before your visa runs out.

Under the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), foreigners can work in Canada even if they don't have a work permit.

It is stated in IRPR 186. International graduates from Canadian DLIs are included in this. With a post-graduate work permit, certain Canadian DLI graduates can seek jobs in Canada to get more experience. Canadian study visa holders are the only ones who can get an open post-graduation work permit.

A person is eligible for Canadian permanent residency if they have National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill type 0 or skill level A or B experience obtained through the PGWP. In order to get a post-graduate work permit from Canada, you have to meet the following requirements:

Permits for studies are needed. 
In Canada, I am a full-time student at the DLI. 
You could perform off-campus work without a permit. 
You never put in extra time. 
Application processing for post-graduate degrees in Canada takes about four to five months. Applicants for postgraduate work permits who are rejected must stop working right away. Since you are not in school and your application for a postgraduate work permit was turned down, you are free to leave Canada.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has changed its policy so that international graduates of Canadian schools can now get a new open work visa. This makes it possible to extend work permits after graduation.

Permits for cooperatives 
This work visa is available to international students in Canada who require internships or co-ops. An open work permit with your school listed as your employer is known as a co-op work permit.


Valid research permits.

You must work before you can graduate from school. 
According to a statement made in writing by your university, all students in your program must complete an internship in order to graduate. According to a statement made in writing by your university, 
your school program's co-op or internship shouldn't take up more than half of your time. 
open work permit for the spouse. 
To make your application easier, you can use your spouse's post-graduation employment visa.


You will need your spouse's most recent pay stubs, a copy of their employment contract, or a letter from their employer saying that they work in a NOC 0, A, or B occupation.
It should be noted that welding, soldering, and other flammable operations call for a Canada hot work permit. Programs for managing hot labor by foreign nationals are necessary.

Processing time for work permits in Canada.

Predictions of the processing time for work permits are incorrect because Canada Immigration revised its procedures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it takes 5 months to process a work permit for Canada.