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Visiting a bank and opening up an account is a long process as you may need to travel from your home or working space it's time-consuming. In this article, I will show you how to get a legit and free business credit card for all your online purchases from all major shopping sites. 

The good news is that this business credit card is virtual and free. Therefore, no worries, it will never get lost in your car or house and you can terminate the card you want in case of fraud suspicion.

What Is A Business Credit Card?

A business credit card is just like a personal credit card, the major difference is that the latter gives extra transaction limit privileges based on your business credit score. 

Having a virtual business credit card is like having only your credit card details saved in text or photo form on your device or cloud. This method is environmentally friendly since it eliminates the use of plastics cards.

How Do Virtual Credit Cards Work?

Major internet service providers worldwide partnered with MasterCard and Visa plus local banking companies to offer credit cards to their clients for free but share revenue generated from each successful transaction made by a client. In this case, your mobile wallet acts as your bank account.

How To Get A Virtual Business Credit Card?

All you need is a mobile phone, an active sim card from MasterCard or Visa verified ISP and an active internet bundle and follow the steps below.

Dial USSD code *185#

Choose financial services.

Then head to option 9

Choose option 1 (Get a Card)

Enter your mobile pin to confirm. Always remember never to share your mobile pin to secure your account from illegal payments.

You will receive an SMS with a link to access your Mastercard. Tap the link.

Once you tap the link, you will receive a six-digit code to verify that it's you trying to access the card details.

Once you verify the code, you will be granted access to view your card details. You are free to download this card in form of jpg on your device or store it on your favourite cloud storage provide like google drive.

Virtual Business Credit Card 

How To Check the Balance On Your Credit Card.

Your mobile wallet balance is your final credit card balance therefore, to know the balance on your virtual card, check the balance on your mobile wallet balance. To terminate your card, kindly repeat the process and select option 3 (delete card)

For further assistance, kindly watch this video


Apart from being environmentally friendly, virtual business credit cards low cost of production on plastic cards and it's more flexible what else have we missed in this article feel free to let us know in the comment section below.