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VPNs don't always provide the most reliable connection, and sometimes they can be downright slow. In this article, I'll show you how to boost your Droid VPN apk speeds using the new and improved Modded version premium VPN service and improve them if they don't meet your expectations.

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The Official version of Droid Vpn normally disconnects automatically and displays an error message. At times, it doesn't connect at all, However, using this modded premium VPN service app all these errors are eliminated.

So the Droid Vpn mod we are about to give you has some modifications so it's not as disturbing as the original version.


- Faster connections
- Fixed connection errors
- More Stability 
- A colourful theme
- Animation
- 2 Inbuilt games

Installation And Setup

Head to your device security settings and allow app installation from unknown sources.

Uninstall the original version or any other mod of Droid Vpn.

Then install the XDroid apk from the link provided below.

This is the look of the XDroid apk after installation.

Go to the account section and add input your Droid VPN user name and password.

Lastly, configure the app according to what settings are working in your country or use the one given below

Configure your settings of Droid VPN apk as provided below.


Remote UDP port: 53

Local UDP port: 80

Choose UDP mode: mode1

T count: 5000

R count: 4

TCP settings

Local TCP port: 440

Remote TCP port: 0

ICMP settings

ICMP mode: static seq

Then go back to settings and choose Vpn Connection settings. In-there, go to Tunnel MTU Size and change it to 1024.

Finally, Droid VPN is a premium VPN service provider which offers free trials too at limited bandwidths, the choice is up to you to use the modded version or official version keeping in mind that mods tend to have back doors for hackers and other cyber-related threats.